We offer private transfers for companies or pick up from airports, stations or ports, such as business trips, congresses and all events where a touch of distinction and exclusivity to your company.

 Advertising and Television

The limousines have a luxurious appearance, which makes many large companies and producers of television, film, and advertising are interested in renting a limo for their projects.


If they are going to rent a limousine, when they request the service they must specify that they want a “stretch-limo,” because in New York the service of limousines is considered as a service of luxury vehicles in general.

We do not want to take great disappointment to see a luxurious car arrive, although quite traditional, instead of the long and wide limousine of the TV.

Their prices vary according to the length, capacity and model of the vehicle, also, several companies live competing with each other, so there are many options and offers.

There are limousines even for up to 24 people, as the fashionable Hummer Limousines, and you can even rent them pink, which has become very famous in addition to the classic white and black

It is also common to see limousines stopped in front of discotheques and famous hotels, to order to be hired so that they know in case they are fascinated.

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